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Extended Validation SSL at a cost that anyone can afford.

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The PositiveSSL EV is a revolutionary product in that it expands access to Extended Validation SSL. In the past EV SSL was viewed more as a luxury for companies and organizations that could afford it.

No more. The PositiveSSL EV offers industry-standard encryption strength and the high assurance that is synonymous with Extended Validation at a price point that fits easily into almost any budget. Good security and authentication aren’t a privilege, they should be available to everyone. And the PositiveSSL EV ensures that they are.


Assurance & Authentication 


This is an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate, which means your company or organization will need to undergo extensive business vetting before this certificate is issued.

It typically takes Comodo 1-5 days to validate and issue this certificate. Once installed, the PositiveSSL EV unlocks the standard SSL visual indicators (https and a green padlock icon) as well as the green address bar directly in the URL section of the browser.



Security & Encryption


The PositiveSSL EV offers industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength and is signed with a 2048-bit key. It's an ideal security solution for any website.



SAN & Multi-Domain Support


The PositiveSSL EV does not offer SAN or Multi-Domain support. However, there is an EV option in the PositiveSSL line that does.

For Multi-Domain support, check out the PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain and you can secure multiple websites with just one certificate.



Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility checks in at 99.3%. Mobile compatibility isn’t the strongest feature of this certificate. 

- Chrome 3+ (above)
- Opera 7+ (above)
- Safari all browsers
- Firefox 1+ (above)
- Netscape 9+ (above)
- IE 5+ (above)
- AOL 10+ (above)
- Android (carrier specific)
- Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 & 6
- Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari
- NTT/DoCoMo
- SoftBank Mobile


Features & Benefits


- Extended Validation, 2048-bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
- Unlimited server licenses
- FREE site seal
- Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
- 99.9% Web and Mobile Browser Ubiquity
- $1,000,000 Warranty



Site Seal


PositiveSSL EV comes with a dynamic PositiveSSL site seal that informs your customers that your site is encrypted.

This trust seal will assure your customers that you have made an investment in their security and will display verified business details when clicked.





PositiveSSL EV comes with a generous $1,000,000 warranty from Comodo.

That means that if anything ever goes wrong on Comodo's end and your website is compromised as a result, you'll be covered for a cool million dollars.


Data sheet

Validation Type
Warranty Level
USD $1,000,000
Free & Unlimted Reissues
Domains Secured
Secures www & non-www Domain Names
Issuance Speed
1-5 Days
Vaildation Required
Extensive Business and Domain Validation
Encryption Strength
Up to 256 Bit
Browser Compatibility
Supports 99% Mobile & Web Browsers
Green Address Bar
SAN Support
Site Seal
Free Dynamic Site Seal
SHA-2 Support
Server License
Unlimited Server
Notification Level
Organization Name Highlighted Green in Address Bar