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A basic DV certificate for quick and easy security

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For a fast website security solution, the Comodo Positive SSL certificate is the answer for you. This domain validated (DV) certificate offers industry standard encryption at an unbelievable price. Plus, this certificate comes backed by the Comodo brand, one of the most trusted names in internet security.

As a basic SSL certificate, the Comodo Positive SSL is an excellent solution for when you need fast and simple security without having to worry about injecting much trust into the site.


Assurance & Authentication 

This is just a standard domain validated (DV) certificate, which means it can be issued in only a few minutes. Once domain ownership is verified and the certificate is issued, your site will display “https” in the URL, along the secure pad lock and site seal.


Security & Encryption

The Comodo Positive SSL certificate offers basic 128- bit & 256-bit encryption and is signed with a 2048-bit root. Offering just basic level security, this certificate is best for internal and testing domains.


SAN & Multi-Domain Support

This certificate does not support multiple domains or subdomains. However, there are options available for customers looking for the value Positive certificate to support these platforms. For SAN support, check out the SSL Multi-Domain certificate and for subdomains, check out the SSL Wildcard certificate.


Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility checks in at 99.3%. Mobile compatibility isn’t the strongest feature of this certificate. 

- Chrome 3+ (above)
- Opera 7+ (above)
- Safari all browsers
- Firefox 1+ (above)
- Netscape 9+ (above)
- IE 5+ (above)
- AOL 10+ (above)
- Android (carrier specific)
- Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 & 6
- Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari
- NTT/DoCoMo
- SoftBank Mobile


Features & Benefits

- Domain validated, 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Cert
- Immediate certificate issuance
- Unlimited server licenses
- Automated validation - no paperwork
- FREE site seal
- Unlimited Re-issuance
- Trusted by all popular browsers with 99.3% Ubiquity
- $10,000 Relying Party Warranty


Site Seal

This certificate comes with a standard, Static site seal that lets your customers know your site is protected by the Comodo Positive SSL.

This basic seal will assure your customers that minimum security requirements have been met and domain ownership has been verified.



The Comodo Positive SSL certificate comes with just the standard $10,000 warranty.

What this means is that in the unlikely event that your site is breached and one of your customers incurs losses because of this, you will be compensated up to $10,000 by Comodo.


Data sheet

Validation Type
Domain Validation
Warranty Level
USD $10,000
Free & Unlimted Reissues
Domains Secured
Secures www & non-www Domain Names
Issuance Speed
Vaildation Required
Domain Validation
Encryption Strength
Up to 256 Bit
Browser Compatibility
Supports 99% Mobile & Web Browsers
Green Address Bar
SAN Support
Site Seal
Free Dynamic Site Seal
SHA-2 Support
Server License
Unlimited Server
Notification Level
Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only

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